Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: Skin 79 Super+ Triple Function BB Cream (Hot Pink)

This review has been a long time coming...

For months, I debated whether or not I wanted to venture into the world of BB creams.  I have sensitive, acne-prone, very oily/combination skin and it's always a big risk for me to try new foundations, tinted moisturizers, etc.

When I first heard about BB creams, I was intrigued by their claims of wrinkle prevention, skin tone improvement, and sun protection.  BB creams are very popular in Asia for their skin whitening properties, but for a light-skinned individual like myself, I'm not too concerned with making my skin any whiter than it already is.

I've seen a couple reviews on YouTube and other beauty blogs, so I decided to try Skin 79 Super+ Triple Function BB Cream in Hot Pink ($29, available at and other online retailers).  This particular BB cream seems to be a favorite among the beauty community, so I thought, why not?

The consistency of this BB cream feels similar to that of a tinted moisturizer, but it definitely makes my skin less oily.  My previous experiences with tinted moisturizers had left my skin an oily mess and the product would quickly melt off my face.  I'm still searching for a good tinted moisturizer for oily skin, but this product could possibly be an alternative.

I think every skin product should have a pump like this!
This BB cream stays on my skin all day, although I do experience some breakthrough shine and oiliness.  However, it's nothing that can't be fixed with blotting sheets and MAC Blot Powder.  I apply it with my fingers after smoothing on my prescription acne medication.  At onset the BB cream appears to create a grayish cast to the skin, but after the product oxidizes it blends seamlessly.

One of the major cons of this product (and BB creams in general) is that it only comes in one shade.  Some BB creams are available in a variety of shades, but usually only three choices at the most.  As previously stated, BB creams are geared towards the Asian population, so I don't recommend BB creams for darker skin tones.

Size comparison with an OPI nail polish bottle
I absolutely love the packaging because it comes in a very hygienic pump, and I don't even need to use a full pump to cover my whole face.  Although there isn't a lock on the pump, it travels problem-free!  I recently traveled across the country with my BB cream and it didn't spill at all so I didn't lose any product.  Each bottle contains a whopping 40g of product, so I'm sure one bottle will last me a long time.

If you're interested in BB creams, check out these videos from missglamorazzi & frmheadtotoe.

Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday!  WE SWEPT THE HEAT! =]

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