Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: Homecooked Food & USHER!

To be honest with you, I could really care less about the Super Bowl.

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However, early last week I was searching Google for my daily Usher news (yes, I do this every single day) and I saw an article by the Associated Press that stated USHER would be performing during BEP's half-time show!  I was a little bit worried because the announcement wasn't confirmed by Usher's camp, so I was definitely holding my breath before he came out.

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If you know me personally, I have been an Usher lunatic for almost 15 you can imagine how excited I was when I heard the news =].  I recently saw him in concert for his OMG Tour and he was nothing short of amazing...sooooo amazing!!!  And he's coming back to Chicago this spring!  If you've never seen Usher live, I would highly suggest that you save your pennies for a ticket to his show.  Even if you're not an Usher fanatic like me, I promise that you'll enjoy every second of it!

This isn't an Usher blog (although I could certainly make it one), so...moving on...

My last three posts have focused on beauty products, so I think it's only appropriate for me to switch gears to the other major topic of my blog: FOOD.

And what better way to jumpstart my food blogging entries than with my Mom's kitchen?

My Mom's Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings with Green Onions
Anyone that comes to my house knows that they will never leave Mom's kitchen could be a restaurant!  Our 5 freezers, 3 refrigerators, and 2 pantries are filled to capacity with food and ingredients. If you're craving something in particular, we definitely have the means to satisfy your cravings.

My Mom's Ribs (served with Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Chipotle Sauce)
Since it was just our family, my Mom made a small meal for the Super Bowl which consisted of wings, ribs, lechon, and my favorite - potatoes!

My Mom's Lechon (later mixed to make Lechon Sisig)
I've always been dumbfounded by my Mom's talent for cooking.  When my brother and I were younger, she catered many parties, events, and Filipino stores with her delicious & flaky empanadas, palabok, pancit, etc. etc.

Every single day, despite working long hours at her office and visiting patients, she will spend hours in the kitchen when she comes home from work.  Even if we tell her that she doesn't need to cook and she should just lay down and rest, she will insist on cooking us a good meal "in case she doesn't have time to cook the next day" (this rarely happens).

As I get older, I can only pray that I will be blessed my Mom's cooking skills.  Since I've graduated college, I've tried to pick up a few dishes...right now I only know how to cook salmon sinigang and her homemade mac & cheese LOL =[ slowly, but surely, I will get there...

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