Saturday, February 12, 2011

A French Plainfield?!

I initially intended my food blogging adventures to be city-based.  However, I'm still living at home until I hear back from grad schools, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to explore some new tastes while I'm still in the suburbs.

I apologize for the oil smudge on the sticker...
eating gets messy sometimes, ya know!
A couple of weeks ago, my parents were on the way home from my mom's office and they decided to stop by a new French bakery that they had heard about from one of my mom's nurses.  The nurse raved about their pastries and even said that one of the owners was Filipino!  Of course, my parents had to check it out...and I'm SO GLAD they did!

According to the website, French Cakes Patisserie was founded by two French pastry chefs who met each other while in culinary school.  Both Cristine Patolot and Elisabeth Michaelis have studied and worked with internationally renowned pastry chefs that have been featured on the Food Network, so you know their stuff has to be delicious!

My parents' first trip to the French bakery resulted in four large scones (~$2.50 each).  I had never tasted a scone before, but these were unbelievable!  So far I have tasted their blueberry, strawberry, and apple scones, and each one has been simply delectable.  Based on appearances, I assumed that the scones would be too sweet, but I promise that they are very savory and possess just the right amount of sweetness.

"We offer our signature Croissants in a variety of flavors, using authentic French recipes and methods. We also offer fresh fruit scones, muffins, coffee cakes, and sweet breads. You’ll also want to try our biscotti, assorted French pound cakes (classic and combination of spices), Parisian macaroons, and gourmet cookies."

When my parents returned from their first visit, my first question was, "Do they have croissants?!"  That was a stupid question because duh, it's a French bakery.

Four large croissants and one chocolate croissant...
I ate the other one =]
Their croissants are freshly made every morning.  Orders are accepted in advance, and the morning's fresh croissants are available on a first come, first serve basis...once it's gone, it's gone!  My parents came home with small croissants one day, and I begged them to order some chocolate ones for me...

The croissants are flaky, puffy, and absolutely perfect...I've never traveled to France so I don't know how a "real" croissant is supposed to taste like, but this will definitely suffice until I make it there.

Who would've thought, a French bakery in Plainfield?  =] If you're ever in the area, I definitely recommend that you drop by and have a taste, or place an order for some fresh croissants the next morning.  The bakery also specializes in a variety of cakes, wedding cakes, chocolates, jams, candies, etc.

French Cakes Patisserie
12337 S. Route 59
Plainfield, IL 60585


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