Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Yummi: Walgreens Won't Stop Feeding Me - Potbelly, Lou Malnati's, & Shinto

I'm currently training for a brand new Walgreens store in the suburbs, and when I say "brand new", I mean BRAND NEW.  When you first walk into this store, I guarantee that you will not think it is a Walgreens.  It's the third of its kind in the entire nation, so I definitely feel blessed and honored to be hand-picked as an employee for one of these stores.

Walgreens training sessions = CATERED FOOD!  In the past month or so, the company has been fattening me up with Potbelly, Panera, and Lou Malnati's, and my pharmacy manager has spoiled me with Cheesecake Factory and Shinto sushi!  Luckily this Special K diet that I've been trying out allows me to have one regular meal a day, or else I'd be very unsuccessful.

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