Friday, April 29, 2011


137 N Weber Rd
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
(630) 759-2781

So I FINALLY got a chance to eat at Smashburger yesterday, and it was well worth the wait!

When we arrived at the restaurant, the parking lot was packed so we thought we would have to wait for our food for a long time.  My sister Jillian - who has eaten here on multiple occasions since the restaurant opened - told me that on busy days, she has had to wait for almost half an hour for her food, but that's not surprising for a hot new restaurant in a suburban town.  Luckily, our food came out within 7-8 minutes as promised =].  They also have one of the cool new 100-flavor Coca Cola machines!  Unfortunately I didn't get to snap a picture, but I think they're an awesome invention and EVERY restaurant should have one.

HUGE menu (there was another menu board on the side)
Smashburger has a HUGE menu for a burger joint.  In addition to burgers, they also serve Smashchickens (chicken sandwiches, obviously), Smashsides, Smashdogs & polish sausages, Smashsalads, and for dessert, they offer Haagen-Dazs specialties!  I appreciate that they also give you the option to build your own Smashburger or Smashchicken with a variety of buns, cheeses, sauces & dressings, toppings, and other add-ons (fried eggs, chili, fried pickles, etc.).  I can't wait to put fried pickles on my burger next time...

I opted for the Windy City burger: layers of melted cheddar cheese, haystack onions, lettuce, tomato, and Gulden's mustard on a PRETZEL BUN.  I also ordered some Smashfries on the side, which are tossed in rosemary, olive oil, and garlic.  I was not disappointed...and I definitely "smashed" my Smashburger (ha...ha...ha...).

Compared to other burger chains that have recently opened in the suburbs (i.e. Five Guys), I really liked the large amount of seating available and the ambience of the entire place.  Once the weather is FINALLY warmer on a consistent basis, Smashburger also has a nice patio area for outdoor dining.

You can order online at participating locations, so make sure you check out their website!  In addition to their Batavia, Bolingbrook, & Schaumburg locations, Smashburger will be opening new restaurants in Darien, Oak Lawn, and Arlington Heights in the near future.

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